Norfolk mom distraught after son is punched, bullied in school

Published on May 4, 2016

ORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A Norfolk mom is fighting for her son’s safety after bullies have repeatedly taunted and attacked him.

“He’s coming home with bruises, beat up, scared to go to school,” said Chrissie Lanier, referring to her Dominic.

Every morning on her way to work, Lanier drops the 12-year-old off at Northside Middle School, fearing for what might happen to him. On Tuesday morning, those concerns were validated when a student reportedly punched Dominic in the mouth.

“My son’s lips was stuck to his braces from somebody punching him,” she said.

Through tears, Dominic recounted the story only to 10 On Your Side. He said he had been walking in a hallway when a student hit him in the back of the head, ultimately punching him in the mouth. Dominic said he did not fight back.

“These kids at school think they’re all that and try to bully the ones who can’t defend themselves all the time,” he said. “It just don’t make sense. It’s just straight up mean.”

It wasn’t the first time that a student reportedly hurt the boy.

Lanier told 10 On Your Side that her son was smacked in the face by a different student at the school last November. Lanier contacted several school officials at the time, but she feels like nothing changed.

“They didn’t protect my son and I want something to be done about it, not just for him, but any other student that is being bullied.”

10 On Your Side reached out to a Norfolk Public Schools spokesperson on Wednesday. They indicated that student disciplinary matters cannot be discussed with the media.

The spokesperson said that the division takes a strong stance against bullying. There are several anti-bullying policies and campaigns in place. Instances of bullying can be reported to an anti-bullying hotline at (757)-628-1171 or emailed to

Meanwhile, Dominic did not return to school on Wednesday.

“I’m too scared to go back,” he said.

“Why should my son have to miss out on his education because of someone else’s child? Why should he have to look over his shoulder? It’s not right,” Lanier said.