Dyslexic Boy Gets Bullied At School, So His Father Did the One Thing That Made Sense

Published on July 5, 2016

A young boy will learn the ropes of the business world earlier than most after his father saved him from the toxic environment of his previous school.

When real estate manager Lee Cooke discovered that his nine-year-old dyslexic son was being bullied by classmates he made a bold decision to pull him out of the school.

Cooke was forced to decide to ‘home school’ his son after the boy confessed that he has been the subject of bullying by his classmates for more than two years, reported The Daily Mail. Moving forward, the father from Wolverhampton in England will be teaching his child personally from his work office.

The photo of his son’s his first day at his new ‘school’ has since gone viral after he posted it on social media. Dressed in formal business attire, the young trainee is shown answering phone calls at a desk in his shirt and tie.

“Today is the first day of my nine-year-old’s new life,” Mr Cooke wrote in the photo’s caption. “After being bullied for nearly two years at school in Wolverhampton, I have removed him due to the lack of protection, support and complete corrupt back turned brush under the carpet attitude within the senior members of the school.”

For his first day, the topics covered maths, computer technology and telephone manners. His education will progress along as his dad covers all essential business topics in the coming months.

Lee Cooke said he is just happy to see his son enjoying his learning again. “Today we learned maths, ICT and telephone manners,“ he said. “Today my boy smiled and laughed, and so did I.”

In a message to parents, he challenged them to, “Never accept bullying stand up and defend yourself today.”

Cooke explained that removing his son from what what he felt was a toxic school environment will provided the child a better chance to grow and progress in learning.

“I hope he shows those bullies and the negative blinded teachers that because you have dyslexia it doesn’t mean you deserve to be picked on and ignored by those teachers that are meant to protect you!” Lee Cooke said.

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