Muslim Student Called ‘Isis’ In Yearbook Says She’s Being Bullied For Speaking Out

Published on May 10, 2016

The 17-year-old Muslim student who was misidentified as “Isis” in her California high school yearbook says she’s now facing harassment for speaking out and demanding an investigation of the incident.

“I was going to go back to school and enjoy the nine days I have left — or five days I have left — until the students of the school started attacking me on social media,” Bayan Zehlif, a soon-to-be graduate at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga, California, said at a press conference on Monday.

7 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied

Published on May 9, 2016

No parent wants to think about their child ever being in any kind of pain, be it physical, mental, or emotional. Yet, as uncomfortable a topic as it may be, you still have to consider the possibility that your son or daughter may encounter one of those situations. As with most things in life, preparation is the first step to being able to protect your child from harm. The best way you can do that is to be aware and know how to look for signs your child is being bullied.

My Child Is Being Bullied; What Should I Do?

Published on May 7, 2016

"Mom Says/Dad Says," an exclusive Christian parental advice column by Gregory Slayton, former U.S. Ambassador to Bermuda and author of the best-selling book Be a Better Dad Today: Ten Tools Every Father Needs, and his wife, Marina Slayton, author of the new book Be The Best Mom You Can Be. The Slaytons have been featured on Fox and Friends, Focus on the Family Radio and numerous other media outlets. They donate 100% of their royalties from parenting books to fatherhood and family nonprofits.

Tennessee's Queer Youth: Bullied, Abused, Denied Therapy

Published on May 6, 2016

Last month Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed House Bill 1840 into law, making it legal for mental health counselors and therapists with “sincerely held principles” to deny lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people treatment. The ability of a mental health professional to provide care should be based on the nature of the disorder or problem, and not on the gender identity or sexual orientation of the client.

Desperate father makes UK legal history by suing his bullied daughter's school for the cost of sending her to self-defence classes

Published on May 5, 2016

A desperate father is hoping to make UK legal history by suing his daughter's school for the cost of sending her to self-defence classes to help protect her from bullies.

The parent, who does not want to be named, is taking Thorns Community College in Stourbridge, West Midlands, to a small claims court in a bid to claw back £57.35 for the weekly martial arts lessons.

Norfolk mom distraught after son is punched, bullied in school

Published on May 4, 2016

ORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A Norfolk mom is fighting for her son’s safety after bullies have repeatedly taunted and attacked him.

“He’s coming home with bruises, beat up, scared to go to school,” said Chrissie Lanier, referring to her Dominic.

Every morning on her way to work, Lanier drops the 12-year-old off at Northside Middle School, fearing for what might happen to him. On Tuesday morning, those concerns were validated when a student reportedly punched Dominic in the mouth.

The complicated fallout of bullying

Published on May 4, 2016

Bullying can cast a dark cloud over the life of a kid, making normal, everyday school activities like walking to class or playing team sports feel threatening. Even their own home may feel unsafe.

It may also impact the child's own behavior in a negative way. A new study suggests that being bullied can push some kids to lash out themselves, and that when the harassment involves both face-to-face and online taunts, the victim may respond with even more aggression.

Girl left heartbroken after people leave negative comments on prom photo

Published May 3, 2016

Pottstown, Pa. (WTXF) A local teen couldn't wait for prom night. She had the perfect dress; however, when she posted the pictures the haters came out.

After a magical prom night some comments on social media had one Pottsgrove High School junior wishing she never went. Those comments may have ruined the night, but thankfully, others are chiming in to save the day.

Cell phone video shows 17-year old Tayja Jones walking out of her house looking and feeling like a rock star. It was her first prom and she was excited.