Parents file lawsuit against New Ken-Arnold SD after daughter bullied, commits suicide

Published on May 16, 2016

A lawsuit has been filed against the New Kensington-Arnold School District by the parents of a 14-year-old student who took her own life last year.

The parents of Destinee Krebs claim their daughter was pushed to suicide after relentless bullying at school, and the federal lawsuit outlines the district’s failures to identify and appropriately respond to bullying.

Blackwood tackles Bully

Published on May 15, 2016

Twenty-nine-year-old film-maker Gabrielle Blackwood is steadily carving out a name for herself in her chosen profession.

With less than a decade of work under her belt, the cinematographer and director is slowly building an impressive résumé.

Her latest project, which she conceptualised and shot, is part of a UNICEF project which looks at violence. Her short entitled

Gisele Bündchen Was "Used to Being Bullied" Before She Became a Supermodel

Published on May 14, 2016

Before she was the highest-paid fashion model in the world, Gisele Bündchen was bullied for her looks.

The 35-year-old, whose annual earnings are estimated to be $44 million, according to Forbes, talked about her childhood in an interview with The New York Times that was posted Saturday.

"Even before I got into the business, I was used to being bullied because I was always tall and skinny and stuck out," Gisele said. "I got really red all the time from playing volleyball, red like a pepper. So I thought bullying was just the way life is."

To the kid who bullied me in third grade

Published on May 12, 2016

When I was in third grade, I was bullied by a kid named Ronald.

Ronald was tall and strong. I was the smallest kid in class and relatively new at school. He would catch up to me in the coat closet and block my path so I couldn’t leave. Often he’d stand close, stick out his massive chest and call me “shrimp.”

I dreaded the coat closet. I dreaded Ronald. And although I felt helpless and embarrassed, it never occurred to me to tell an adult. I thought bullying was, well, normal.

Lawrenceburg mother claims teacher 'bullied' daughter, seeks apology

Published on May 11, 2016

LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. —What's being described as an "unfortunate situation" at Greendale Middle School Wednesday morning has the mother of a sixth-grader very upset.

"She said that her teacher and her (were) confused because some kind of seating arrangements and the teacher got very aggravated and looked at her and said that she was going to strangle her," the mother said.

The mother told WLWT her 12-year-old daughter's friends told the principal who immediately investigated to get both sides of the story.

Expert says 40% of kids report being bullied; Signs to spot cyber-bullying

Published on May 11, 2016

Bullying has gone high-tech as more and more kids have access to social media. Dr. Gregory Jantz stopped by the Q13 Studio to talk about cyber-bullying. Dr. Jantz says 40% of kids report being bullied, but the numbers may actually be much higher. He also says talk to your kids often about who they’re communicating with on-line.


DA: No criminal charges in death of bullied Alamo Heights teen

Published on May 11, 2016

SAN ANTONIO - The Bexar County Criminal District Attorney's Office said on Wednesday there is insufficient evidence to support criminal charges in the death of bullied teen David Molak.

The DA's office provided a statement to Fox San Antonio that there will be no criminal charges as a result of its review of the case.

David Molak committed suicide in January. His family believed he was cyber-bullied to death, receiving constant text messages from bullies at school.

Both Perps and Victims Are Tormented by Bullying, Study Finds

Published on May 11, 2016

The days in which bullying was considered a rite of passage in schools and kids just needed to “suck it up” may be coming to an end.

A new study conducted by researchers from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine shows that bullying is a public health problem. This unwanted aggressive behavior has physical and mental effects on both the bully and the victim.

Expelling bullies doesn't work, but education might

Published on May 10, 2016

Zero-tolerance policies that kick bullies out of school are not the answer to the persistent bullying problem plaguing the nation's classrooms, playgrounds and social media sites, according to a report released Tuesday.

Experts from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine said prevention efforts should instead target entire schools and give extra attention to students at risk or already involved in bullying, including both victims and the perpetrators themselves.