Elderly people can bully each other, and be victims of bullying, too

Published on June 8, 2016

Today, we often read about suicides of young people caused in part by cyberbullying. Less attention is paid to another category of bullies: those with gray hair, false teeth, hearing aids and canes.

I often hear that residents of facilities or visitors to senior events are also bullied. According to an expert, between 10 to 20 percent of residents of senior living facilities are mistreated by their peers. Many incidents of name-calling, bossy behavior, loud arguments, exclusion or “cliques” and, most extreme, physical violence is reported.

From bullied to boxer, Kristen McMurtree inspires others

Published on June 7, 2016

BUFFALO, NY - When Kristen McMurtree became a national champion, she knew she found her calling in life.

"It kind of served as that hey this is what you're supposed to be doing," Kristen McMurtree said.

Last July, Kristen won the Women's National Golden Glove championship.

"I won by knock out, like the best possible way you can win," Kristen said.

"I've never seen anything like it. She fought out of her body," Kristen's coach, Dean Eoannou explained.

Why Some Bosses Bully Their Best Employees

Published on June 7, 2016

Many researchers have studied the phenomenon of abusive supervisors, or what we’ll call “bully bosses.” The behavior of a bully boss can include a wide range of various forms of non-physical aggression, such as ridiculing employees, putting them down in front of others, accusing them of incompetence, blaming them, lying to them, or not giving them credit for their work.

Meet a 9-year-old girl who is constantly bullied because of her hijab

Published on June 5, 2016

Living in Florida, Tiffany Rivera knew there was a risk her daughter would be bullied by other kids.

“She is a black American, Muslim, and female, so she got three strikes against her,” she said of her nine-year-old girl Khadijah, an aspiring entrepreneur who also takes classes in mixed martial arts.

This School Community Is Finding New Ways To Bully Transgender Students

Published on June 3, 2016

Dave and Hannah Edwards no longer have their daughter enrolled in Nova Classical Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota, but their complaint against the school for not respecting her gender identity is still pending. Since they pulled out of the charter school after being denied accommodations and enduring harassment from other families, Nova has since adopted new transgender-inclusive policies — but the implementation plan is far from perfect.

Parents of bullied teen speaking out, suing school

Published on June 3, 2016

SOUTH GLENS FALLS - The parents of a 13 year old boy who took his own life are suing the school, and speaking out.

Ric and Christine Taras are calling into question the way their son's school handled bullying in the months before his death.

Jacobe Taras, 13, shot himself after coming home from school April 13, 2015. He left a note for his parents:

SJ Kids: Have you ever stood up to a bully?

Published on May 31, 2016

Illustrated answer:

I stood up to a bully who used to bully my friend. I did it by killing him with kindness. Just be super nice and the bully will like you.

Yvonne Nguyen, Grade 6, Stephens

One way we stood up to bullying in our class is by making brochures and posters so everyone could see them.

Magali Garcia Martinez, Grade 6, Stephens

I didn’t stand up to him when he wouldn’t stop bullying me, but then he started to bully one of my best friends, and I stood up.

Bianca Baltazar, Grade 6, Stephens