A shift to restorative justice could help both the bullied and the bully

Published on June 16, 2016

Nine years ago, we got a call from a young Altamont mother who was concerned that people in the community understand autism. Stephanie Carter’s then-6-year-old son, Austin, had been diagnosed on the spectrum.

When she was out with her son, Ms. Carter told us then, she often felt like people were judging her because Austin would throw fits. She found that frustrating because, she said, he was really a good kid.

Austin couldn’t pick up on the raised eyebrows, the sideways glares, or the disapproving looks that took a toll on his mother.

Former bullied student urges Hanover School Division to change LGBT policies

Published on June 14, 2016

A woman who was the target of bullying over her sexuality is urging Hanover School Division trustees to change their diversity policies.

Jennifer Schroeder recently posted an open letter to trustees online, asking them to change policies that stop teachers from speaking about same-sex families in the classroom and forcing educators to tell students' parents if they find out a student is gay.

Schroeder, who is now a mom living in Winnipeg, went to school in the division — first in Grunthal and later in Steinbach.

YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Teachers say they are being bullied by administration

Published on June 14, 2016

The people responsible for helping our kids avoid bullying say they were being bullied themselves. Several teachers reached out to 13 Action News saying their school principal is bullying them.

"I folded up a chair and I put it up to my door because I thought that maybe she was going to send somebody to my place," said Rachael Gore, through tears.

Gore said after being harassed, she became afraid of what her then-principal at Clyde Cox Elementary would do to her. She said it started at the beginning of the school year.

Air ambulance doctor who was 'bullied by colleagues killed himself a day after finding out he was being investigated over a patient's death'

Published on June 13, 2016

An air ambulance doctor who was bullied by colleagues killed himself 24 hours after finding out he was being investigated because a patient died in his care, an inquest heard.
Father-of-two Dr Carl McQueen, 34, was found hanged in a garage at the back of his grandfather's home on February 12 this year.
The talented doctor was in the third and final year of studying for a PhD at Warwick University and also worked as a doctor on the Midlands Air Ambulance (MAA).

Teenage ‘killer’ claims he was bullied

Published on June 13, 2016

A 14-year-old boy who has allegedly confessed to killing another boy of the same age in a village near Thessaloniki on Saturday reportedly said he had been repeatedly bullied by the victim because his family is poor.

The suspect allegedly got into a row with the victim at a cafe in Gefyra. After leaving together, the suspect allegedly went briefly into his home and returned with a kitchen knife he used to slash the other boy’s throat.

Cat ears movement supports those who are bullied

Published on June 13, 2016

LAKE HAVASU, Ariz. - Seventeen-year-old Reanna Simpson is a lover of anime and proudly wears fuzzy cat ears on her head to prove it.

The senior high school student from Lake Havasu never expected the backlash she received from her fellow students for her wardrobe choice would eventually lead to her attempting suicide several months ago.

"It was a lot of pressure with school, grades and a lot of home issues," Reanna said. "All of that just got to be too much and I took 14 Midol."

Month after teen suicide, parents launch anti-bullying campaign

Published on June 10, 2016

he family of a Warrenton teen who took her life after allegedly being bullied at school is moving forward with a message and the community is coming together this weekend to help them get that message out.

According to her family, eight-grader Destiny Gleason took her life after persistent bullying, both online and at school. Saturday, two benefits in her honor will help raise money for an anti-bullying foundation created by her family.

"It made the news and it just broke our hearts," said Billy Joe Lee, Fundraiser organizer.

The WICB directors bully for bullying’s sake

Published on June 9, 2016

Dear Editor,

WI cricket fans and journalists do not have to surrender to bullying by the WICB. Bullying is a tactic often used successfully by those whose arguments are not convincing, but who have the power to enforce their wishes. The directors of the WICB are particularly effective in the use of the bullying strategy. For example, there is substantial evidence that during, say the last three or four years, both the deceased Tony Cozier as well as Michael Holding were prohibited by the WICB from broadcasting West Indies matches.